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Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

November 6th 2020

One Day

9 Teams

November 6th 2020
at Copenhgen Business School

Business Battlefield is a one-day event taking place on November 6th, 2020 at Copenhagen Business School, where 9 teams of ambitious, aspiring students are challenged in areas which help shape them into the future leader of tomorrow! The participants will challenge each other in three key areas vital for any future leader. The students will be challenged within Strategic Communication, Negotiation, and Crisis Management, with the three best teams meeting up in a grand finale.

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Last Year’s Challenges 

The main components of Business Battlefield are the three challenges. The challenges are carefully selected by the organizing committee in collaboration with our partners. Each challenge is meant to represent a vital skill for any future leader, regardless of industry or organization. Read more about last year’s three challenges below:


Strategic Communication

The ability to communicate with people and deliver a strategic message is something any leader should be able to do. Mastering communication is extremely important, both when working internally in a team, but also when communicating with stakeholders. In this challenge, the participants will be tested within rapid decision making, creating a strategy and sticking to it. Each team will be assigned a specific role, presented with a case, and finish each round with an interview.



Having the upper hand in a negotiation is key as a leader, and with a dynamic competitive market in constant growth this skills importance is increasing. Proper negotiation skills will ensure favorable outcomes and a strong position for the business. In this challenge the participants will be tested within team work, usage of incomplete information and goal congruence in a three-part negotiation.


Crisis Management

Leaders are increasingly being exposed to wicked and compound problems, demanding them to navigate in complex situations, calling for extensive problem solving and crisis management skills. The ability to solve such crises and handle complex issues is therefore a key skill for leaders around the globe. In this challenge, the participants will enter into a crisis simulation and here be tested on parameters such as time management, decision making and adaptability, whilst they are performing.

The 2020 Program

The Foundation


Business Battlefield was founded in 2016 as a sister-event to CBS Case Competition on the occasion of Copenhagen Business School’s 100-year anniversary. For 100 years CBS has been educating leaders that have been serving in various positions all over the world. Today we wish to challenge the contemporary characteristics of a leader while shaping the leaders of tomorrow.



Business Battlefield, 2017, was the first of its kind both nationally and internationally.
Since Business Battlefield turned out to be a success, we decided to make Business Battlefield into its own organization, and a yearly recurring event.

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Simone Jensine Høholt Larsen

Steering Committee

Sarah Hald

Challenge Manager

Isabella Lensborn

Steering Committee

Victoria Svensson

Business Relationship Manager

Iben Børrresen

Challenge Manager

Malthe Johansen

Finance Manager

Sif Bregnballe

Challenge Manager

Freja Sommerskov

Business Relationship Manager

Tobias Dencker Israelsen

PR & Marketing

Nanna Juli Lauth Poulsen

PR & Marketing

Harald Skjelbred-Knudsen

Business Relationship Manager